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Fun, Easy and Profitable… If you can view an ad and visit a website, YOU CAN EARN! ShurAds makes it so easy to earn: Just sign up, click and view. WOW – can it get any better? Well… YES! With ShurAds, you can earn up to six different ways, and get the most effective, unique advertising at the same time… Join now and start earning!

Understand LeadsLeap In 1 Minute

1) Daily Active Bonus

View at least 10 ads a day. Your total credits earned on that day will qualify for our Daily Active Bonus.

This bonus will not affect your credits for advertising, i.e. you can still use the credits for your Credit Ads and get traffic to your sites.

The more credits you earn, the more share you’ll receive.

For the different ways to earn credits, read this > How to earn credits.

2) Credit Encashment

You can convert credits into cash.

Different from Daily Active Bonus, encashed credits are no longer available for advertising.

To encash credits, go to  Credits > Credit Encashment.

3) PPC Earnings

Add our Ad Widget to your website or use our Link Tracker to track and find out if you are getting real visitors when you advertise elsewhere. When your visitors click on the ads in the widget or tracker, you will make money.

Your PPC earning is calculated weekly on every Friday. The earning per click depends on our weekly earnings and the profile of the traffic (such as the country, surfing duration and uniqueness).

For the Ad Widget code, go to  PPC Widget > Get Widget Code.

To use our Link Tracker, go to  Link Tracker > My Links.

4) Affiliate Commissions

When your referral upgrade, you will earn 25% recurring commissions (50% if you are a Pro Member).

For your affiliate links and strategies, go to  Affiliate > Affiliate Links & Tools.

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